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Nonprofit Marketing Plan (With Template)

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nonprofit marketing plan template

Do you wish you had a plan that revealed you precisely what you need to do to get your organization’s message across? The creation of a nonprofit marketing plan can help you understand your objectives and concerns and ensure you’re leveraging the right marketing strategies to drive your mission forward.

Today, we’re speaking about the tactical portion of your marketing strategy, which need to be created following the advancement of your overall marketing method and supply actionable steps your group needs to take to bring your marketing activities to fruition. If you haven’t currently established your nonprofit marketing we ‘d suggest you begin there prior to starting tactical selection and execution. As soon as you complete those, you can get going planning tactics.

Considering Resources

There’s no usage in developing a nonprofit marketing plan that you can’t reasonably perform. Before you determine what you are going to do from a marketing viewpoint, you need to comprehend the budget plan and staff resources you have available to put toward your marketing efforts.

Respond to the following concerns:

  • What marketing tactics are you presently utilizing? Exactly what’s working and exactly what’s not?
  • What does it cost? spending plan do you presently have designated to marketing, if any? Just
  • how much are you budgeting over the next year?
  • What does it cost? capability does your team need to carry out on a marketing plan?
  • Exist any marketing “must-dos” you want that you wish to make certain you resolve with the marketing strategy?

The answers to these concerns will assist you produce a reasonable plan based upon your personnel capability, resources and budget plan. Now, you can set possible objectives for the coming year.

Mapping Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan Objectives

As we wrote about recently, your marketing objectives must be established in cooperation with your not-for-profit’s preparation team. You’ll want to use your mission and nonprofit marketing plan as a starting point.

Based upon our deal with many nonprofits, marketing plans frequently consist of things such as:

  • Raising awareness
  • Structure consistent messaging across media
  • Structure believed management
  • Owning more donations
  • Engaging more volunteers

For instance, we worked with one nonprofit that is concentrated on creating a market for reused building products. The company’s primary goals were to grow brand awareness throughout the community and hire more volunteers. In order to reach these objectives, they determined they would have to:

Position the company as a vehicle to introduce new discussions about sustainability and reuse
Promote opportunities for neighborhood classes, green occasions and re-entry task training
Grow beyond their present network to reach brand-new audiences of prospective volunteers
Setting realistic objectives is essential because they determine the methods you will use to meet them. So as we think through the goals of the organization in our example, following are some tactics we chose in support of each one:

Position The Organization As A Car To Release New Conversations About Sustainability And Reuse
Supporting Techniques:

News profiles including the point of views and testament of management
A blog site with thought-provoking short articles about the function the circular economy plays in the neighborhood
A leadership panel where neighborhood leaders and members can share ideas
Promote Opportunities For Neighborhood Classes, Green Events And Re-Entry Job Training
Supporting Techniques:

Month-to-month all-access classes and totally free workshops
Weekly advertisement invest throughout Facebook and twitter targeted to the neighborhood
Visitor post by volunteers and returning people highlighting their experience with the company
Grow Beyond The Organization’s Current Network To Reach New Audiences Of Possible Volunteers
Supporting Tactics:

New and possible volunteer happy hours and other scheduled occasions
Targeted online advertisements encouraging volunteer register
Presence at university volunteer fairs and other events
Notice that each goal has various accompanying tactics. While media relations is excellent for raising awareness, it’s harder to directly track how that strategy alone will increase the company’s variety of volunteers. For that goal, we needed to integrate in methods that allow us to easily determine stakeholder actions, like online advertisements that direct to a volunteer register page.

Putting Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan Into Action

With your tactics picked, you need to make certain your plan is actionable and particular. Using social networks as an example, decide:

  • What social channels your organization will be utilizingHow frequently you will post
  • Who will be publishing
  • Who you intend to reach and engage
  • How much spending plan (if any) you will be allocating for social advertisements
  • How you are determining your success

Once you have actually selected your techniques, map them to a calendar that envisions what is happening when and who is accountable for carrying them out. Likewise identify exactly what it appears like if these tactics succeed and how you will measure the effect of each towards your company’s marketing and general strategic objectives.

Keep in mind, Your Nonprofit Marketing Strategy Must Be A Living, Breathing File.
not-for-profit marketing strategy workbookAs your company modifications, it’s only natural for your marketing has to alter with it. Prepared to get begun? Find more guidance, along with tools you can utilize to develop your plan by downloading “The Essential Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template.”

Online Donations: How To Generate More Revenue Online

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nonprofit online donationsFor all you first-time fundraising organizers, or anyone who just feels lost or overwhelmed with figuring out how to get online donations, we’ve come up with some steps to help you out.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. And no matter how deep their pockets are, most people have been faced with a situation where they’ve had to raise a large sum of funds before. If you’ve ever struggled with getting online donations, you know that sorting out how to raise money as well as the fundraising process is no walk in the park.

1. Define a Nonprofit Marketing Goal

You don’t have to get carried away with setting a specific monetary goal for your online donations, but it’s good to think about what you hope to achieve with your fundraiser.

The main purpose of this is to give your potential donors a clear idea of where exactly their donations will be going. Setting a goal is also a good way to keep you focused and motivated in your fundraising efforts.

2. Know Your Fundraising Options

Depending on what your goal is, there are vast and varied ways to raise those necessary funds.

It’s important to research all your options before starting your fundraiser, to be sure the method you’ve chosen is really the best way to reach your goal.

3. Choose A Fundraising Platform

We recommend using a combination of tactics to raise more online donations.

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Many of our most successful fundraisers combined both on- and offline efforts to maximize their reach and total money raised.

4. Have A Solid Nonprofit Marketing Plan

We know it seems like there are a million things to keep track of when you’re raising money.

This is why we call our users “organizers”– it’s very important to stay organized when planning a fundraiser. Consider investing in a fundraising notebook to jot down ideas, keep track of donations, remind yourself of your final goal and schedule mini-goal deadlines.

5. Online Donations: Tips & Resources

The best way to get the most from your fundraising efforts is to try to emulate best practices.

Here’s a list of helpful blogs and platforms to give you online donation tips:


6. Hire A Fundraising Team

Building a team of co-organizers can help you smooth out the rough edges of your fundraiser.

Studies have even proven that a fundraiser has better chances of success if organized by a team.

A fundraiser with multiple organizers raises on average five times more money than one with a single organizer.

If you have the resources, you may even consider hiring a nonprofit digital marketing agency.

7. Promote Your Content Online

If a fundraiser falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

After you’ve planned out your fundraiser, either online or in person, you have to promote your content.

The more visible your fundraiser is, the more online donations you’ll receive.

We recommend using a combination of tactics to raise more money.

Many of our most successful fundraisers combined both on- and offline efforts to maximize their reach and total money raised.

If you’ve ever had to do it, you know that sorting out how to raise money as well as the fundraising process is no walk in the park.

We know it seems like there are a million things to keep track of when you’re raising money.

A fundraiser with multiple organizers raises on average five times more money than one with a single organizer.



The most important thing to remember when navigating the challenge of how to get more online donations is that it’s okay to ask for help– including initially asking for donations and also organizing a fundraiser.

The beauty of fundraisers is seeing people come together to help reach a common goal– and with a little help that goal doesn’t have to be hard to reach.

How to Succeed With Marketing a Nonprofit Organization

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marketing for nonprofits

Marketing for nonprofits is very competitive.

Luckily, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to be successful at marketing a nonprofit organization.

All you need need to be successful with marketing your nonprofit online is useful content.

Here are a few ways you can succeed with nonprofit marketing.

Marketing for Nonprofits Online

Successful digital marketing means you are active online.

The larger part of your online marketing endeavors likely concentrates on driving individuals to your site.

Be that as it may, getting them there isn’t the true objective. You want your visitors to take action.

In this way, I believe it’s reasonable to say, your site is a tool. It needs to give individuals that last prod to take action.

If you are not marketing your nonprofit online then you will pass up a great opportunity for to generate revenue.

Understand Your Audience

You wont reach your audience if you don’t know what they want to read.

Persona research will help you make grow awareness to your nonprofits mission.

Here are a few things to consider when creating a marketing persona:

  1. Demographics – age, location, gender, income
  2. Behaviors – Online shopping, charitable contributions, hobbies/activities
  3. Interests – Who they follow on social media

Once you understand who your audience is, it’s time to make a marketing plan.

Have a Marketing Plan

Marketing plans for nonprofits are essential.

Without a marketing plan your campaigns will not get the results you want.

Marketing plans tie your goals, strategy, and tactics together to into one cohesive idea.

For example, if you want to increase your online donations with content marketing, you may use a number of outreach channels:

  • Email Marketing / Newsletter
  • Social Media
  • Print Media
  • TV Advertising
  • Content Marketing

If you align these ideas into one plan you will increase the chances of growing revenue for your nonprofit.

Create Useful Content

If you want visitors to donate to your nonprofit you have to make useful content.

Content that is not useful adds no value to the reader.

In this way, no value implies they won’t put stock in the data on your site as applicable.

When this happens you are in danger of losing this individual as a future donor.

You have to ensure your content is noteworthy and demonstrating the impact you make.

This means customizing content and showing step by step how you got your outcomes.

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Want more information? Check out our nonprofit marketing blog.

4 Steps to Make Nonprofit Marketing Work For You

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4 steps to make nonprofit marketing work for you

Nonprofit marketing can be hard.

There is a considerable measure of data that show you how to advertise online.

Yet, what do you trust?

Here are 4 ways you can be great at:



1. Marketing for Nonprofits Online

In the event that you are not marketing your nonprofit online then you are behind.

You can get a ton of traffic to your site in the event that you put in diligent work.

Online marketing for nonprofits ought not be disregarded.

You must be willing to invest for the long term to see results.

Posting a blog once per month is insufficient.

You need to create useful content that your visitors will appreciate.

2. Create Useful Content

What is useful content?

Useful content is anything that guests to your site will appreciate and discover valuable.

This sort of content is noteworthy and can share the great work you accomplish for individuals.

Here are a few types of useful content:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Case Studies
  • Reports / White papers

If you want your content to be useful, you need to make sure it goes into detail.

You should demonstrate your effect and results or you won’t get the reach and impact you need.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is imperative.

You don’t want to make nonprofit marketing mistakes that will cost you traffic and revenue to your organization.

It helps search engines sort and rank the worlds information.

If you write content without optimizing for search engines you will fail.

No one will find your site easily.

If people cannot find your site then how will you get traffic?

Nobody will discover your site effortlessly.

On the off chance that individuals can’t discover your site then by what method will you get traffic?

Here’s the means by which you upgrade your site for SEO.

To start with, do keyword research.

you comprehend what keyword you need to rank for utilize it in these ranges of your blog:

  • Title
  • H1, H2, H3…
  • Body of your post
  • In the post URL
  • Meta description

Ensure you don’t utilize your keyword too often.

If you use your keyword too many times it will look like spam.

On the off chance that your content looks like spam you won’t rank in results.

By utilizing SEO you can get more traffic and profit for your nonprofit.

4. Promote Content On Social Media

Once you have content you need to promote it online.

The best way to promote your content is through social media.

Here are the best social media accounts to use:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+

Ensure you post your content on these systems.

This will ensure your content gets read.

You can likewise connect with individuals online to share your content on their social networking.

This will help you get your content before the correct group of onlookers.


If you want to be successful at nonprofit marketing you must make useful content and promote it on social media.

Also make sure to optimize your blog posts for search engines.

With this knowledge you can get more traffic to your site and generate more online donations for your nonprofit.